The Journey: Finding My Way

The orchard farm was were I would start to learn about how fruit is raised.  There were what seemed like hundreds of trees:  apple, peaches, pears, apricots, plums and grapes.  My siblings and I were involved in very small ways with the pruning, watering, picking and packing processes.  I can still remember the earthy smell of the in-ground fruit storage cellar.  It was absolutely huge.  You could drive a tractor into it.

Then another change was thrown into my young life.  My mother, along with my two siblings and I were to move into town.

This meant not only adjusting to a new school and making new friends, but also losing the direct link to the farms that I loved.  Thankfully Grandpa and Grandma maintained somewhat of an agrarian lifestyle even after moving to town.  Farming was in their blood and was being passed on to me without them ever really thinking about it.  The garden and fruit trees that occupied the town lot kept me learning about growing fresh food.

My teenage years quickly went by.  When I turned 16 my mother remarried and we all moved to southern Alberta. 

This would only prove to add to my farm learning.  I became involved in cattle 4-H.  Because I was a lot older now than when I would spend time at Grandpa's farm I quickly learned the intricate details of taking care of cattle.  I spent the next two years on this ranch. 


While here I met the man who would eventually become my husband and life partner.  I finished my high schooling then moved on again.  This time it would be to the city of Lethbridge for college.  

Once again a move was imminent.  This time it would lead us, as a newly married couple to northern Alberta...