Sweet Spanish Sausage with Raisins: One of Our Favorites

Welcome Back! 

Not only do I want to welcome you all back for this week’s farm update, but I would also like to welcome spring back.   

Here in our area of this big world, winter has finally loosened its grip on us.  We have had beautifully warm days.  Most of the snow is melted except where we piled it with the tractor and along the north side of the bush.  All the ponds are full and overflowing.  Makes us want to build more ponds to catch the overflow. 


We are able to work around most, but not all areas of the farm without rubber boots.  Garden prep has started, but still finding the odd lump of frost.  This is the latest spring I have seen here for quite some time.  We like to have most of the direct seeding finished by the twentieth of May with transplants in by June 1st. 

The native trees are just starting to bud.  The leaves should be bursting forth very soon.  The black currant bushes already have tiny leaves. 

Even though spring is slow this year, I always remember what an old-timer told us.  He said to always remember that God has promised us the seasons.  He has never failed to deliver on this promise.  It may not be our timing, but it always works out.  We just have to be ready to move when it is time. 

What is it like in your area?  Have you had spring for awhile or are you just celebrating it now? 

Today we will be finishing up this series on what cuts you can choose for your freezer from your pastured pork, along with some helpful recipes for cooking it. 


Our last primal is the shoulder and neck area.   


Cuts from this primal are well marbled with fat and contain a lot of connective tissue.  This makes them perfect for slow-cooking methods like braising, or stewing.  From this area we can make pork butt roasts, pork shoulder roasts, and blade roasts.   

This is also the area where most of your ground pork will come from.  From the shoulder primal you can choose to decrease the amount of roasts, instead having this meat turned into convenient ground pork or flavorful sausages.  If you enjoy cured pork like we do, these roasts can also be cured.  We like to slice this meat thinly and us it like back bacon.

I find that when I am in a hurry ground meat is my go-to for quick meals.  I turn it into tasty fried rice, chili, or spaghetti sauce.  At our house sausage is not just a breakfast food.  We love to barbeque sausages as a quick supper meals also. 


Today’s featured recipe is one of our favorite sausage seasoning recipes.  This is a slightly spicy, slightly sweet sausage.  If you prefer, you can leave out the raisins.  If you don’t have a sausage stuffer to put the meat mixture into a casing, don’t worry.  We do have a sausage stuffer, but unless we are making large batches of sausage we do not use it.  Most of the time, I just make a seasoned meat mixture.  Then I either form it into patties that can then be fried or barbequed or just fry it like you would any ground meat.  I like to mix up five pounds at a time, form it all into patties, place on a large baking sheet then put them into the freezer.  When they are completely frozen I remove them from the tray and put in freezer bags and return to the freezer.  I really like these patties for those times when I have failed to plan ahead, which is quite frequently, especially in the summer.

Sweet Spanish Sausage with Raisins

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