Let’s Talk Shopping for Lamb 

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Purchasing meat can be a confusing endeavor.  There are so many labels out there; organic, all natural, GMO free and pasture raised are some examples.  But what do they mean. 

Here at Harmonys Way Family Farm we have adopted another label that farmer Joel Salatin coined.  It is Beyond Organic.

We believe that this term encompasses how we raise our meat animals.  To us this term means that as stewards of the animals that have been entrusted to our care and depend on us for their very lives we raise them in an environment that allows them to express their natural design.  We believe that it is unnatural for animals to be confined in crowded buildings or corrals.  Sheep, cattle, goats and geese should be able to graze grasses, leaves and the bark of trees, pigs need to be able to dig in the dirt and chickens, turkeys, ducks and should be able to search for the bugs and seeds that they love so much. 

At Harmonys Way Family Farm our animals are never put into an artificial feeding arrangement.   Even “certified organic” meat animals are allowed to be put into feedlots where they are forced to consume a diet that consists of a lot of grain and sometimes even animal byproducts.  Like cattle, sheep have the same digestive system that is not designed to consume large quantities of grain.  This causes them to become sick and need the routine doses of antibiotics just to keep them alive.  

Like us, I am sure you do not want to be consuming meat from animals that have been confined in a feedlot where they are routinely feed GMO contaminated grains, antibiotics regularly because they are in an unnatural environment and given growth hormones to make them grow faster. 

Our animals are allowed to remain on the pastures year round.  During the growing season they are eating all the fresh forages that they can consume.  During the winter months they are still out on pasture where we are feeding them hay that has been stockpiled during the summer months.  We believe that we go Beyond Organic by allowing our sheep to live in their natural environments for their entire lives. 

We ask you to consider grass-fed lamb that is raised with love and care.  The only place to find this are on small, local farms with small flocks that provide a natural lifestyle for their lambs.   

If you would like to learn more about our grass-fed lamb we would love to answer your questions.  You can connect with us by sending us an email

If you want to learn more about how our farm can help you on your journey to living a more sustainable, healthy lifestyle join us as we explore the many ways this is possible.

Watch next week’s blog post for a very special free offer. We will be making our little cookbook, “The Busy Cooks Guide to Preparing Amazing Lamb” available to everyone who is a part of our farm community.

See you next time!