Welcome to the Newest Member of our Ferments Family


This is the weekend that we have been working toward for quite some time.

We will be debuting the first of the line-up of double fermented kombucha. We will be bringing it to the Grande Prairie Farmers Market tomorrow.

  • What is kombucha?

    It is a beverage that is made by adding specific culture known as a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast) to a sweetened black or green tea. It is then allowed to ferment for a week or more. This allows the yeast and bacteria to consume most of the sugar.

    During the fermentation process acetic acid and several other acidic compounds, trace levels of alcohol and CO2 are produced. A healthy dose of probiotics are also produced.

  • What is double fermented kombucha?

    After the initial fermentation stage of approximately ten days we strain the kombucha to remove the multiple strands of yeasts that have accumulated during the fermentation process. Then we add some kind of flavoring to our fermented tea. Personally we like fruit flavored kombucha.

    So prior to the second fermentation period we steam juice the fruits that we want to use. For our newest member of the ferment family we have chosen to use rhubarb and strawberries. In a couple weeks we will be introducing our next flavor which will be a lemon ginger that will be made with fresh squeezed lemons and grated ginger.

Do a google search to see the many purported benefits to drinking kombucha.

Duck eggs are back!

Duck eggs are back!

Our Khaki Campbell Duck hens have finally started laying eggs again.  

Last October they were exiled to the outside, unheated barn with the geese for the winter because they had not given us any eggs all summer. I guess they figured it out that these living arrangements were not all it was cracked up to be.  So just before the polar vortex we moved them back into the warm house with the chickens because the temperatures were going to be too cold for them. They do well in freezing temperatures down to -25C, but below that they are not big enough to keep themselves warm. After spending the first week of the -40C weather inside they started laying eggs again which makes me very happy. I love duck eggs for breakfast. Check out my blog post on duck eggs.

  We will be bringing a limited supply with us to the Grande Prairie Farmers Market tomorrow.  Come by Dalen Heritage Farm's booth and check them out. We are currently sharing their booth until we are able to have a permanent booth at the market.

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