Convenience and Nutrition All Wrapped Up In A Tiny Package

It is good to be back with you all this week.  It has been a good week on the farm. 


Winter feels like it is starting to loosen its grip a bit on the north.  It can be very unpredictable here.  There have been many years when the snow all melts by the end of March.  Then again, there are those years when you think that spring will never come.  Sometimes it has taken until the end of April for all the snow to melt. Today is the first time in a long while that the thermometer is above freezing.  Albeit, only a half a degree.  The snow is starting to slide off the tin roof of the house.  At this time of year it is hard for me to not think about where I grew up in southern British Columbia.  The crocuses are probably coming up already.  That being said the north is beautiful in its own special way too.

This warmer weather does make me itch to be gardening.  I have to hold myself back from starting seeds indoors to early by looking at last year’s calendar for planting dates.  Onions and soup celery could be started any time.  We have been slowly increasing our garlic plantings every year by doubling our fall plantings.  This year we are going to try starting a bunch more by starting the scapes indoors.  Peppers, tomatoes and all the cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli and kohlrabi will not be started until the first of April at the earliest.  We do not have a greenhouse yet, so I don’t want to have to hold huge plants indoors until our last frost day too long.


I have done a few posts on our “farm fresh eggs” over the past few weeks.

DSCF9669 (2).JPG

Freshness is absolutely critical to us.  Eggs lose nutritional quality the older they are.  Once you have tasted an egg that is minutes old, it totally spoils you for anything else.  They are absolutely delicious.


Eggs are the ultimate convenience food.  They do not take long to cook up in the morning when we are rushing around trying to get ready for a busy day on the farm.  We like to keep boiled eggs in the fridge so that we can grab a quick snack on the go.  They are an excellent protein source.  Our daughter doesn’t really like the taste of eggs cooked so we make her eggnog with raw eggs and fresh milk along with her toast in the morning.  This protein fills her up and keeps her going until lunch.

 We know exactly what the hens are eating.  We prefer to not consume any soy products.  Chickens need a high protein diet in order to lay eggs.  All the eggs in the grocery store, unless stated on the carton are feed rations that contain soy.  It is the cheapest source of protein that is available.  Our feed contains no soy.  We use field peas as our protein source.  We also use skimmed milk from our milk cow.


We know how our hens are treated.  This time of year they are inside a nice warm coop.  We spread whole grains around so they can keep busy scratching around on the floor.  We do use supplemental lighting in the winter.  A timer turns the light on at three a.m. and turns it off at nine a.m.  During the day when the lights are off they are receiving natural light from a good size window.  Summer time finds them outside where they can run around more in search of seeds and bugs.  Their egg yolks become deep orange during this time of year.  Our hens are treated humanely year round.  We believe that by doing this we have happy healthy hens that produce nutrient dense eggs for us.


We produce both chicken and duck eggs.  This way we are guaranteed to have eggs all the time.  If the chickens decide to take a break, then the ducks seem to take over and fill the need.


One of the purposes for our farm is to be able to offer our community the same benefits we reap from our animals.  We don’t think that this should be kept to ourselves.

If you have any questions please put them in the comment section at the bottom.  We do respond to all comments.

We have farm fresh eggs available year round.  We have a drop location that we deliver to in Grande Prairie, Alberta a minimum of twice monthly and Valleyview, Alberta once a week.

Have a great week and we will see you back here next Friday.

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