Making a Difference

 Approximately thirty years ago a number of ranchers realized the adverse health effects that CAFO’s were creating in their animals and the people who consumed the meat.  So instead of sending them away to a CAFO they started keeping them on pasture until it was time to process them for food. 

When animals are raised on pasture the animals grow at a natural pace, consuming only foods that were designed for their bodies.  This low stress life came with the added benefit of virtually eliminating the use of antibiotics and many other routinely used drugs. 

Pasture based farming allows the animals to express their naturally design characteristics while being naturally healthy.  This means that the people who consume the meat benefit from the animal's health.  How can a sickly animal help us to stay healthy?  We don’t believe that it can.   

Are you searching for clean, pasture raised meats?  Check out our farm.

Are you searching for clean, pasture raised meats?  Check out our farm.

There have been numerous studies done that compared CAFO meat to grass-fed meat.  They all found that the meat from grass-fed beef, lamb, bison and goats has less total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and calories.  It also has more vitamin E, beta-carotene, vitamin C and a number of other health promoting fats, including omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid. 

Raising animals on pasture for meat also requires more knowledge and skill that sending them away.  Pastures must be managed so that the plants are always at their optimal stage of growth.  This provides nutrient dense forage.  The attention to pasture management details result in succulent and tender meat for your and our family.

Peacefully moving cattle to a fresh salad bar.

Well stewarded animals raised on high quality pasture provide the opportunity for us to consume the healthiest meat possible. Without being concerned about what they were fed and how they have been treated. 

Have you been searching for grass-fed meats raised by caring farmers, you have come to the right place.  Everyday our family puts great effort into insuring our animals that will become meat for the table someday, are well taken care of.  

 July is when we start taking orders for our pasture raised, grass finished beef lamb, pork and goat.  We encourage you to order early to make sure your freezer order is reserved for fall.  There are only a limited number of bundles available per year.

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