Introducing our “Protein Pack” CSA!

What keeps you from purchasing food from local farms?  Have you been settling for CAFO meat and eggs from the grocery store because it is just simple to source?  Are you yearning to feed your family clean, healthy, locally grown food, but don’t know where to find it? 


Do you want to put a face on the farmer who raises your food?  Someone who actually knows that you and your family’s health are important?   A farmer who actually cares about the food you serve your family:  that you are not just another dollar in the grand scheme of our conventional food system.   Or do you want to buy your meat in bulk, but have very limited freezer space for a large quantity of product? 

You may have heard of veggie CSAs, but not meat CSAs.  Have you ever considered joining a meat CSA?  If you have, but have not signed up what is holding you back? 

You may be thinking to yourself, “Hold on! What in the world is a CSA?”  Community-supported agriculture (CSA) is simply a system that allows the producer and consumers within a local food system region to connect more closely with each other by allowing the consumer to participate in the harvest of a farm or group of farms.  It is much like being involved in a coop.

CSAs are as varied as the farmers who operate them.  Each farm offers products that the farmer has put their heart and soul into raising.   Sometimes farms in a geographical region will join together to offer more variety in their boxes.  Most programs offer a central pick up location, while some may include home-delivery.  Most CSAs offer fruits and veggies, but many livestock farms are now offering meat and eggs.  Many CSAs also have a variety of box sizes depending on the requirements of your family.  As you can see there can be so much diversity in each farms program.

As a local, family farm we are always asking ourselves how we can give families easier access to the same high quality, nutrient dense foods that we enjoy on our table. 

Today we are so excited to announce that in addition to our bulk meat purchasing option, we are launching our CSA purchasing option as well.  We are kicking off the “Protein Pack” CSA on September 1st.


Unlike our bulk meat purchasing program you do need to sign up to become a member of the “Protein Pack” CSA.  Membership is absolutely free, but is required to participate in the program.  

To start we will have our absolutely delicious pasture-raised pork and eggs.    Toward the end of October lamb and beef will be available.  If there is enough interest we will also consider offering the pasture raised chicken that our family enjoys.  New items will be added as they become available.

We will be offering different options for you to choose from for your box.  We will send everyone who has signed up for the “Protein Pack” CSA a list of products that are available, item prices, what day we will be delivering to Grande Prairie, AB and where we will meet everyone.  You simply choose what items you want included in your box.  For example, your very first options in the CSA box will be pasture-raised, free-range eggs, pasture-raised pork chops, ground meat, ham, and sausages.  To choice the options that suit your family’s needs you simple click the quantities of each item you want and they will be included in your box.

  When we receive your order we will confirm availability and arrange for payment.  Once full payment is received we will confirm delivery dates and times.  At this time we will be accepting etransfers only.  We will require that full payment be made twenty-four hours prior to the delivery date.  Your order will be cancelled if payment is not received. 

We are so excited to be able to serve local families like yours our farm raised meats and eggs. 

Becoming a CSA “Protein Pack” member is as simply as clicking here.  Once you confirm your subscription you will be included in our special “Protein Pack” CSA members list.  You can then look forward to receiving your first order form on September 1st.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us for more details.