The Countdown is On


After many, many months of getting “all our duck in a row” to be able to bring you our locally crafted lacto-fermented veggies the countdown has started.

First, we had to do a top to bottom cleaning of our commercial kitchen.  It has been sitting idle for a few years.  Basically, becoming a catch-all for things we needed a place to store.

Then we started working with our local health department to get the required permits back in place. 

Once we had our approvals, we were finally able to source our supplies.  That was the easiest part of the whole process.  For more than fifteen years we have operated a food buying coop so we already had our supplier in place.


Now came the fun part; deciding what ferments we were going to make.  We wanted to start with ones that we are already enjoying in our home.

  So to the catalog we went looking for green and red cabbages, carrots, onions, red peppers, garlic, ginger and Celtic sea salt to start with.  They all had to be certified organic and grown as close to home as possible at this time of year.

When they arrived it was just about as good as Christmas:  unpacking them to stored in the walk-in cooler until we could get them processed.


Last on the to-do list was to clean and prep all these beautiful veggies for fermenting.  There was lots of chopping, slicing, and shredding going on the first few days.  It has now settled into a daily routine. 

It is quite an amazing picture to behold.  Counter tops laden with beautiful jars of veggies that are quietly bubbling along, while all those good probiotics work their magic, turning plain veggies into nutrient dense food.

After the first few days of fermenting in large glass jars we then transfer them to the smaller jars that will be available very soon for you to enjoy in your homes.


We are looking forward to being able to offer these gems to you soon.  If you don’t want to miss this opportunity to enjoy locally crafted lacto-fermented veggies make sure you sign up below.  We will be making the big announcement soon.