Horse Drawn Wagon Rides & Farm Tours

Hey Friends!  Are you and your family ready for an adventure? 

Come on out to the farm to help us celebrate the “Grand Opening Season” of our Horse Drawn Wagon Rides and Farm Tours.


You already know us for our delicious grass-fed beef and lamb, forest raised pork, eggs from our pastured hens and free-range ducks, traditional sauerkraut and kombucha.   

You may also know that we have used our teams of horses for years to help with all our farm work. They help us feed hay in the winter, bring in firewood for our home, pull the wagon with our fencing tools and so many more activities.

When you visit our farm you will fell like you have taken a step back in time to the days when farms were small and well tended and families still worked together.

Farm Tours

We are excited to announce that they now have another job. They will be pulling the wagon or sleigh (depending on the season) that will show you around the farm.

If you have been looking for a unique place to visit,a place to connect with your food supply and the people who truly care about raising nutrient-dense foods, you have come to the right place.

  You will learn first-hand how the animals are raised and how they have worked together with us to create a regenerative, eco-friendly, family-friendly farm. 

You may even get to watch a blacksmithing demonstration.

After your wagon ride you can relax around the firepit enjoying the tranquility of the farm. You can even bring your own hotdogs and marshmallows if you want to make an afternoon or evening of it.

So, bring you family and friends to spend some time experiencing the wonders of a small farm.

Each tour will take approximately 45 minutes.

Don’t forget your cooler so you can stock up on our delicious grass-fed beef and lamb. 

Horse Drawn Wagon Ride schedule 

Because we are a working farm we do require pre-booking at this time.

To book your tour times click here to contact us.


Minimum 4 adults

Adults $25.00 Seniors & Students $20.00 Under 6 Free

Group Rates available upon request

Things to Remember

Here are a few things you might want to bring with you: 

A good sun hat, sunscreen, rain gear, appropriate farm footwear (Flip flops are not recommended.  Remember that you will be on a working farm and that animals leave us gifts to increase the fertility of our land.  These gifts are not all that pleasant to have squishing through your toes.), water bottle, and a friend. 

You are welcome to bring your pets, but they absolutely must be kept on a leash and cleaned up after.