It all started when...

Two young people from very different farming backgrounds were married.  Larry was raised on a cattle ranch in southern Alberta.  Sue coming from a dairy/poultry and orchard background in British Columbia. 

Shortly thereafter the animals started to arrive at the farm.  First the cows, then the chickens, sheep, pigs, ducks, geese and goats.  As time went by the children also started to arrive.  As the children grew it became our dream that the farm we had been working so hard to build would become a multi-generational one. 

Well that dream has come to fruition.  The farm is now operated by ourselves, and our children.

Our farm is located in the beautiful Peace River Region of northern Alberta, Canada. 


Our mission is to create a farm that will provide a "living wage" to the people stewarding it,  provide our local communities with the opportunity to source and purchase nutrient-dense, clean food and care for the needs of our animals all in an ethical way.

In order to accomplish this we have put into practice an eclectic mix of Holistic Management, Regenerative Agriculture and Permaculture Design.  These models help us to create a landscape where all the animals and people living here will thrive.  This naturally extends to you by having access to the same health-giving foods that our family enjoys and benefits from.

We have been raising all natural, non-GMO, grass-fed beef, lamb, goat, pork and chicken and duck eggs for many years.  

All our animals graze our lush pastures during the growing season.  During the cold, snowy Alberta winters their sustenance comes from their species appropriate diets.  The cattle, sheep and goats continue to enjoy the freedom to move around on the pastures where they are being fed.  This creates the dual benefits of them living in a natural environment plus their wastes are being return to the soil to produce the lush pastures for the next year.

 We are not "certified organic" because we believe that our customers make a better certifying body than any third party agency can.  We understand that you want clean healthy food for your family.  We started our farm because that is what we wanted for our family.  We have a saying here that we are "customer certified".  If you are happy our farm will succeed.


Farming in service to you,

xoxo The King Family